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Desember 2019
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As we have seen, there are several communication applications for smartphones such as WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger and others.
This shows that not all application features are the same.

Coocoo WhatsApp is a full-color chat application that applies color video effects and filters during video calls.

You can chat more colorful with colorful animated themes. In addition, this application has many amazing features based on what you need

The Features

  • Clear WhatsApp activity log.
  • Increase download size and upload all files.
  • You can send 10 photos immediately.
  • Increase video status duration.
  • DND mode
  • Proximity sensor
  • Download and configure the desired theme.
  • Turn off the last display, read the warning and see the status.
  • Message and Status Activation cannot be deleted.
  • Hide the blue check mark, write, read and write.
  • Adjust background as desired.

CooCoo WhatsApp Mod Apk Anti Banned

Settings Menu

In the display menu that is owned by the WhatsApp CooCoo application, it is very similar to the original WhatsApp, but you can change the display menu by downloading themes for free that are already available in the Theme Shop.

Even so, in Mesengger Mod for instant applications, there are a variety of unique settings, such as Privacy and Security, Theme Shops, DIY Themes, Color Phones and others.

Theme and security settings

In the CooCoo WhatsApp application, it is possible to configure account privacy and security, such as disabling the last seen, disabling message forwarding, hidden statuses, deactivating unmodified statuses, deactivating messages. modified and others.

And as mentioned earlier, it is possible to modify the desired theme, especially by first downloading the theme available at the theme store, free and without paying.

Customization Fund

You can also change themes for free, in the CooCoo WhatsApp application, you can also change wallpapers for phone calls and video calls, especially by downloading them before they are available on Colorphone.

And you can also change the background of the Instant Messenger application by first downloading the wallpaper, which is available in a personalization function.

mounting method

Download the link provided above first, wait for it to finish.

Don’t forget to put the file in a folder that is easy to find.

Enter the configuration menu and activate “Unknown sources” (Security configuration – Unknown source).

Run the file that you downloaded earlier, press the install button. Wait for the process to finish.

In the end, the CooCoo WhatsApp Mod application is ready to use and access the various functions it contains.

CooCoo WhatsApp MOD
CooCoo WhatsApp MOD

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CooCoo WhatsApp MOD

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