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Download dead trigger apk mod unlimited money and coin latest version – Dead Trigger: Zombie Shooter is a Horror Action Game that uses First Person Shotting Mode (FPS), developed by MadFinger Games, for the Android Smartphone platform or iOS.


The initial story of this game, namely the occurrence of an accident in a laboratory, where one of the guinea pigs that have been infected with a deadly virus, released and raging inside the laboratory.

The Experimental Rabbit, began to bite one by one the Laboratory Employees, and made the Employees infected with the Deadly Virus.

One of the Laboratory’s Employees, who will become your Main Character, has survived the Deadly Incident at the Laboratory, and found a Survival Group led by Julian Lassagne.

In the Survival Group, you are given basic training using a variety of weapons, and will be used to eradicate all Humans who have been infected with a Virus, which then turns into a Collection of Zombies.

Dead Trigger Game: Zombie Shooter is a game that you can play without using an internet connection (offline), and in this game there is a Stage Level.

In this game to control the character, use the Analog Button, to aim the target, all you have to do is move the screen, and to open fire, use the Fire Button.

Advantages of Dead Trigger: Zombie Shooter Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Money and Gold
  • Unlocked All Weapon
  • Infinited Health, Ammo, and Time
  • Unlimited First Aid, Medkit, Bandage
  • Reload Speed, Fire Rate, High Damage, and Auto Aim
  • 1080p Graphic HD and Surrounded Audio
  • Dead Trigger Features: Zombie Shooter Mod Apk
  • This Zombie Shooter game, provides a variety of unique features, which you can enjoy in it, so the players will never be bored to play this game.
  • Weapons

In the game provides a variety of Weapons that you can buy using Silver Coins and Gold Coins, but to unlock these Weapons, you must meet certain requirements.

You can use up to 4 types of Weapons at once, such as a Pistol, Sub Machine Gun (SMG), Assault Rifle (AR), Sniper Rifle (SR), Machine Gun (MG), Mini Gun, Crossbow, Shotgun (SG), and also you can upgrade Ammo Weapons, so that the Bullet supply does not run out.

  • First Aid items

Besides there are a variety of weapons, this game also provides blood booster items, such as Bandage and MedKit, which you can buy using silver coins and gold coins.

Bandage and MedKit items are useful for adding blood to your character, when hit by a zombie attack, and you can also upgrade your health level, so that the blood that your character has increases.

  • Item Support

In this game, there are also Support Items with different functions, you can buy these Support Items using Silver Coins and Gold Coins, which are like:

  • Money Booster: To add a Silver Coin, when the mission that you play has been successful.
  • Damage Booster: To add strength (Damage) to the weapons you use.
  • Speed ​​Booster: To add Running Speed ​​to the Character you are using.
  • Improved Radar: Serves to determine the position of the Zombies.
  • Ammo Supply: To add a Bullet Amount inventory.
  • Additional Health: To add blood to the character you are using.
  • AutoHeal Kit: To add blood automatically, when a character is attacked by a zombie.

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