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Hay Day is an Agricultural Simulation Game for the Android Platform on November 20, 2013 and iOS on June 21, 2012, developed by Supercell.

This game tells the story of a farmer named Greg, who has a farm that will be given to his cousin (the main character) to take care of the whole farm, because Greg has been unable to return to take care of the agricultural land.

According to reports in the PlayStore, Supercell is able to earn $ .30 million per month, which is obtained from the Game Hay Day and Clash of Clans.

In 2013, Hay Day was able to become the 4th best Game measured by producing the highest income in the Farm Simulation Game, and in July 2013 it was able to become the 1st Best Selling Game on PlayStore.

Hay Day Mod Features Apk

The features available in the Hay Day Mod APK game are quite interesting, so the players will not feel bored when playing it, which is as follows:

Main Building Agriculture

  1. Farmhouse
    This farmhouse serves to show Agricultural Score and Awards, which are obtained from several Achievements in a certain Category.
  2. Rice Barns
    This rice barn serves to store various kinds of equipment and harvest products, as well as animal husbandry.
  3. Warehouse
    This warehouse functions to store various kinds of Agricultural Harvest Products that are implanted.
  4. Citizens’ Houses
    This Citizen’s House serves to be able to interact with other fellow Players, who can communicate through the Chat Feature therein.
  5. Race Arena
    This Race Arena serves to be able to follow various kinds of competitions, which are already available therein.
  6. Boat
    This boat serves to transport a variety of orders, both in the form of Harvest Results and Animal Husbandry Results, with a capacity of 9/12 Box.
  7. Fishing Boat
    This fishing boat serves as a fishing spot, to get various types of fish.
  8. Fishing Box
    This fishing box serves to store various kinds of fishing equipment, such as fishing nets, baits, and traps.
  9. Train Station
    This train station serves as a link between villages and cities, to sell various kinds of Harvest and Animal Husbandry.

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