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HTTP Injector is an application that is widely used by users to modify proxy servers on smartphones and aims to access blocked websites with SSH support

Basically, this application configures a special HTTP header that is used to connect SSH / Proxy, in addition to providing access to websites that are blocked through the back path of the firewall, SSH with a default VPN.

HTTP injectors can be used to securely access any Web, maintain identity and browse certain sites, hide IP addresses (Internet Protocol). Therefore, its use will be protected against hackers and other threats hidden on the Internet.

Maintaining privacy when browsing the Internet is very important. Because it has a lot of data theft and identity on the Internet.

Advantages of HTTP Injectors

  • It doesn’t need root.
  • Service provider functions.
  • Protect connections through the SSH tunnel.
  • The possibility of determining strength.
  • Configure alternative HTTP.
  • Supports Android 4.0 or newer.
  • Load the generator
  • Filter application
  • Data compressor
  • Possibility to use Google DNS or Proxy DNS.
  • Serves to save battery.


  • This application functions “in violation” of the provider when it is used.
  • If you use this application, you must change settings often.
  • This application has no guarantee of security for its use, because the network used is also different.
  • This application causes the connection to be disconnected and suddenly disconnected
  • Although it can be used for free Internet access, but the application transfer speed is not stable, there are times when it is fast and slowing down.
  • Illegal methods harm telecommunications providers and if they use them a lot, those who buy internet quotas will be reduced.

Usage Guide

Install the HTTP Injector application from Play Store and the apk file which can be found on this page

Open the application, then enter the payload settings, to make it easier to use the payload generator located on the left side of the HTTP injector.

Then complete the information on the Payload Generator page, some of the parts that must be completed are

  • URL / Host: Fill with operator bug
  • Request Method: Click Front Query
  • Request method: click Connect
  • Additional headers: Click Online Host

Click Generate Payload and you will return to the main page.

Enter a remote proxy that matches the operator’s proxy

Adjust SSH settings by clicking on the menu to the right of the HTTP injector, the following fields are required

  • SSH Host: filled in with SSH Host
  • SSH Prot: Set to SSH, the default value is 443.
  • Username: whatever
  • Password: enter a password that is very easy to remember

After completing the SSH configuration, return to the initial menu, then click Start

HTTP Injector
HTTP Injector

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