Little Big City 2


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Desember 2019
Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
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Little Big City 2 – At present, there are many big cities in many of our countries. City growth is a good sign, this shows the development of the region.

Have you seen photos of cities like London, New York or Paris? Large squares, crowded groups, crowded shopping centers, etc. However, did you know that behind the luxury and wealth of the city there is good planning and management by the mayor and the government? If you dream of becoming mayor and building your city.

Build The City Of Your Dreams

You will have a deserted tropical island. If you think you have to find a way to survive, find food, drink, make weapons to kill zombies or do something like that, then you are wrong.

Unlike survival games, in this game, your job is to build a living city with the least money available. This part of the game tutorial is very detailed and easy to understand, and helps you understand how it works and how to play it.

All big things start small. First, you need to build several residential areas to attract people to live in your city. Your city has nothing but plants and weeds.

Clean and replace with tall buildings, shopping centers or large parks. After building the first house, you will receive money and experience. Continuing on that, you will have a rich city, a paradise for everyone.

Some topics to choose from in the city are industry, culture, science, or you can choose them if you wish. After building several large buildings, this will attract more tourists and people to stay overnight. These are the people who make money so you can continue to plan and build your city.

How to Install Little Big City 2

  • This mod application cannot be found on Google Play, so you can download it from the site and install it manually. The following guide on installing the mod application.
  • visit the site they have and share free mod apk files, such as find the application you need, press download. Wait for downloads to complete up to 100%.
  • To install an APK file on the Android operating system, it may be necessary to enable “Unknown sources”, located at (settings> security> unknown sources).
  • Open File Manager from the smartphone menu, enter the download folder, find the file that was previously downloaded and run the application, wait until the installation is complete.
  • Completed, you can enjoy the apk mod with amazing and amazing features compared to applications found on Google Play.
Little Big City 2

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