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Download traffic rider apk mod unlimited skin latest version – Traffic Rider is a Motorcycle Racing Game with Graphic High Resolution, developed by Soner Kara, for the Android or iOS platform.


This motorbike racing game you can play Offline, where you have to speed up and control the motor vehicle you use, on a highway full of various vehicles, so as not to crash into other vehicles.

The longer you play this game, by not crashing into other vehicles, then you will get a High Score (High Score) the distance you travel.

Racing Fever: This motto enhances High Graphic HD Resolution (Game Display), with Day or Night, and you can also change 2 Camera View Modes.

You can play various Game Modes that can be played Offline, such as Career, Endless, Time Trials, and Free Ride, with One Way or Two Way Modes.

Uniquely in the Career Mode that is played offline, you will fight subordinates and bosses on each stage, so you need a motor vehicle with high Speed, Acceleration, Handling, and Brake, so you can easily defeat them all.

Advantages of Traffic Rider Mod Apk

This Modified Traffic Rider version has different advantages from the Original version, which are contained therein, which are as follows:

  • Unlimited Money And Gold Coins
  • Unlocked All Motorcycle Type
  • Unlocked All Colors And Stripes Type
  • Unlocked All Skin Gloves
  • Upgrade Power, Handling, Braking Level Max
  • Unlocked All Maps Arena
  • Unlocked All Mode Gameplay (Career, Endless, Time Trial, and Free Ride)
  • Increase Power Speed, Handling, and Braking
  • Featured Traffic Rider Mod Apk
  • This Traffic Rider game provides a variety of unique features, which you can enjoy in it, so that players will never be bored to play it.
  • Motorcycle Type And Upgrade

At the beginning of playing this Traffic Rider Game, you will be given a free Type FZH Turbo Motorcycle (Motor Matic), but you can buy another Motorcyle Type, using Virtual Money (Money).

But there are several types of Motorcycle Type, which can only be purchased using Gold Coins, and you can also upgrade your Motorcycle Type, such as Power, Handling, and Braking.

  • Modification Motorcyle

In this game available features to modify the Motorcycle Type that you have, namely by providing the Color of the Motorcycle, Motorcycle Tires, and provide a variety of Stickers.

Colored and Stripes Modification Features above, you can buy in the Shop by using Virtual Money (Money) or Gold Coins, so that your Motorcycle Type looks good.

  • Gameplay Mode

Traffic Rider has 4 different types of Gameplay Modes, with different objectives, in each Gameplay you can set the Path that you will go through, namely One Way or Two Way.

These Gameplay Modes, which are:

A. Career Mode: In this Mode you will complete every Storyline of the Traffic Rider Game, and also defeat every Boss in it.

B. Endless: In this Mode you will be assigned to get the Mileage as far as possible, in order to get the highest High Scores in it.

C. Time Trial: In this Mode you will bet with the specified time, using Checkpoint to get extra time, until the finish line.

D. Free Ride: In this Mode you can freely explore every race arena, contained in this game, you can also get a lot of Virtual Money in this Mode.

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