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To send large numbers of files, users can use ZIP or RAR to clean files and can be sent directly to folders. On mobile devices, users can do this with the ZArchiver Pro APK.

With ZArchiver pro apk download 2019, users can easily do various office tasks on their mobile. So it is no exaggeration to say that downloading this application is really feasible. Learn more about the ZArchiver apk here.

ZArchiver Application Function

What exactly is the function of the ZArchiver Pro Mod application? As mentioned above, ZArchiver pro 2020 is an application that can be used to extract ZIP files.

Users need it to extract a number of things: documents in document format, PDF etc. Compiled, games or other applications downloaded from the Internet.

Most applications that can be downloaded from the Internet are loaded in ZIP format.

In addition to extraction, users with ZArchiver donate apk can also compress documents in ZIP. This is very useful when users want to download or send many files simultaneously.

By downloading ZArchiver, users do not have to worry about opening and closing laptops, just to view extracted files or to compress documents. Everything can be done easily with ZArchiver.

How to use ZArchiver

It is not difficult to understand how to use ZArchiver. These are the steps that can be practiced directly.

  • First open the ZArchiver application. The user sees the file space on the right and the storage folder on the right
  • To extract documents in ZIP format, select file. Then select Show if users only want to see it.
  • If the user wants to extract, select Extract here (to extract to this folder) or Extract to (to extract to another folder on the phone).
  • If the user wants to compress the file, select Compress in ZIP or * .7z format
  • Name the compression folder and wait a moment for ZArchiver pro 0.6.7 apk to complete compression.

The file can then be extracted or compressed as needed. Very easy, right?

ZArchiver Advantages

There are many advantages to using ZArchiver which makes it feasible to download this application. And what?

  • Light. This application is not great. Therefore, the user’s cell phone is free of charge.
  • It can run on various versions of Android
  • Easy to use. Users only need to open the folder after the folder on the device and SD card
  • Can compress ZIP, *. 7z and also RAR.

Lack of ZArchiver Pro APK

There are advantages, there are also disadvantages. What are the disadvantages of using ZArchiver pro apkpure? Here are some gaps.

The previous version of ZArchiver included many advertisements. However, advertisements can be lost in the Pro application provided here
Sometimes it gets stuck when there are too many compressed files.

However, the lack of ZArchiver Pro APK is not significant, so it is necessary to download this application.

So to compress and extract all types of compressed files, the answer is only ZArchiver. No need to download various types of applications that can only compress or extract certain types of files.

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